World’s Most Efficient Software for Knife CNC Machines

CutFab is the complete software for CNC knife cutting machines – it includes the world’s best performing automatic nesting engine, along with modules to assist all aspects of running a successful cutting room for technical textiles.

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  • Complete cutting room solution

    From start to finish, CutFab covers everything you require in your cutting room. It’s designed with knife cutters in mind, not adapted from software from another industry to roughly fit your needs.

    Our team understand the knife cutting world and have developed CutFab with that in mind. Our unparalleled automatic nesting engine is at the heart of a system that can be easily customised to your unique requirements and cutting.

  • Drive any knife cutting machine

    We already directly support the vast majority of popular knife cutting tables but we can quickly add support for your knife cutting table or special cutting requirements. CutFab’s flexible plugin system allows us to quickly develop CNC generation to support any knife cutting machine.

  • World’s most efficient nesting (for your expensive materials)

    This is CutFab’s killer feature! The world’s most efficient automatic nesting algorithms in CutFab have proven to be unbeatable in all application areas.

  • Highly customisable

    CutFab is designed from the ground up for knife cutters, however we realise that every business is different and having software tailored to your exact requirements can multiply its usefulness by orders of magnitude.

  • Integrate it with your other systems

    Integrating with your planning and production systems to allow you to get a real-time overview of what’s happening in your business – cutting time estimates will help you identify issues that are costing time and money quickly.

    Many software vendors have directly integrated with our software to allow seamless communication between their own software and CutFab to allow you to access the world’s best nesting without replacing your familiar software.

  • Proven solution, used by thousands of companies worldwide

    Used by thousands of customers worldwide, Efficient Software’s nesting solutions are used by the major players in all industries where cutting is a key element of the manufacturing process. Our team are friendly, experienced and genuine experts in their field and your industry.

  • Ideal for kitting environments

    CutFab treats kits as first class citizens, which allows you to mix pairs of kits, or more, together. Our experience with multi-kit cutting companies has proven to us that combining kits in pairs alone can contribute towards 5–10% of material savings.

  • Easy to use and train new users on!

    Forget about sending your team away for expensive training or spending days scratching your head over software. CutFab has been designed with simplicity, power and practicality in mind. You can be confident that your team will go from installation to production in hours not days.


LightSpeed is our innovative projection system which is tightly integrated with CutFab to provide on-cutting table projection of kitted parts to allow for easy/print-less picking of parts from your runoff table.

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CutFab has a wealth of features to make the most of your cutting machine’s capabilities, while optimizing production time and expensive materials. Providing you with the world’s most efficient automatic nesting is only one of the killer features that CutFab can deliver…

Discover the incredible features available to CutFab users today.

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